Saturday, 22 November 2014

Navigating St. George's by foot

When we first learned we were moving to Grenada we tried to figure out where we were going to live. Our contact here had said the house was near Aiden and Owen's school (it is the series of buildings above the Kobo icon) and we knew it had an orange roof. So being me, I googled it! Our house is the one with the big orange roof right at the bottom of the image where the two roads join.

What we couldn't figure out was what all the buildings were because there is only one road that comes up to Belmont Road. This is because it never dawned on me that you could have homes that didn't have a road attached to them. In Canada every home is on a road, has a street name and a 911 number! Not here that entire neighbourhood beneath my house only has a dirt path to get to it. Yet they will get mail delivered to them, just by having it addressed to Belmont, St. George's.

Roads are very expensive to build so it is very common that there are no roads between neighbourhoods, but there are always paths. If you look on the image above you will notice homes in a straight line very close to one another. These homes all feed off the path pictured below.

The path would be narrower than a side walk in Canada yet there are many, many homes off this path. It starts off as a nice concrete path but by the time you get to Kirani James Blvd it is just some stones that peeps out between two buildings which are very close together. You would never find the path if you didn't know it existed. In fact Brent only found it because he saw someone coming out of it and wondered where they came from. I am glad he did, it is a much easier walk to the Port and to Foodlands (the big white building).

Seemingly never ending stairs

The path near Kirani James Blvd

It is knowing these "hidden" paths and stairs that makes navigating the city a lot easier. If you had to take roads it would take a very long time to get from place to place but being able to cut through makes getting from one side of the city to another easier. You are still going to be climbing hills like crazy and dodging traffic but at least it is a bit shorter!

Practically wheelchair accessible!

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