Wednesday, 28 October 2015

100 Days- But who's counting?

Today is 100 days until we land in Grenada. There is some breathing room to this realization, after all that is three whole months. However there is also a sense of fear about how much needs to be done! I have spreadsheets and lists yet it feels like I must be forgetting something!

Probably the most challenging aspect is planning our immunizations. Owen is definitely fearful about getting poked, and since we need to have immunizations for Hepatitis A & B, Thyphoid and rabies this equates to seven trips to the nurses at The Brighton Family Health Team. So far the plan is to do one type per month, so that there are breaks in between visits.  Really the hard part is just starting, once Owen sees that it hurts for a moment and then you’re done, we should find visits are progressively easier.

Next is renting our house. Renting to the wrong tenants could mean coming home to thousands of dollars of damage, plus with a pool we have even more concerns about having responsible tenants. Thankfully our friends at Butler Mortgage are helping with screening applicants for us. As well getting our favourite real estate agent Lorraine O’Quinn involved in the search is giving us some more peace of mind.

Once we get those two items taken care of I’ll feel a lot less stressed. For now all I can do is keep checking items off our list and remind myself that in 100 days I will be stepping out of a plane into Grenada and into a whole new culture. I can’t wait! 

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  1. I'm counting, and wondering if we are going to be ready!