Monday, 19 October 2015

You are cleared for takeoff

This past week things really started to roll.
We were able to finalize our medical documents and submitted those to Cuso. In less than a day we had our medical clearance to travel.
Within a day Gisa, our travel coordinator, arranged for flights for the whole family. I was very grateful that she was able to get us an overnight flight so that the boys could be at school for an orientation on the Monday. Hopefully all they need to do is remember their teachers name and where the bathroom is, because after an overnight flight that stops at 5:30 in the morning in Trinidad and Tobago, only to leave at 6:10 for Grenada, they will be exhausted!
When I got the email about the flights I felt excited and then I immediately felt dismayed. I hadn’t planned anything for the last day I was in Canada with my mom. It turns out she will be at her favourite folk festival  (Shelter Valley) with friends, which created even more consternation. Now how do we have a family get-together before we go? We haven’t figured it out yet but it is important because I know she will want to hug and kiss the boys goodbye and it will be emotional for everyone. Creating the appropriate space and setting time for that transition will make the trip easier. If we feel like we missed her we will have started off on the wrong foot.
We also need to arrange for a big party for the boys and their friends before we go and we are rapidly running out of time. Yesterday I was teaching a course about change and reminded my class that celebrating the ending of something is just as important as celebrating the starting of something. So we will ensure that we celebrate the end of the Canadian summer with our friends and family as we enter into a new beginning in Grenada.

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