Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The hunt for school pants

We had dearly hoped to be done our first day after visiting Beacon. The boys were exhausted and thirsty and because you can’t carry liquids on the plane, we had no water with us. Instead we were back down into St George to a store that sold school uniforms. Thankfully we had Samuel or we would never have found the place. The tie and shirts were easy. Pants however were not. Both boys just didn’t seem to fit the pants which were very long but too tight at the waist. Now we were stuck, no pants for school was not going to work at all. Samuel knew another place we could try. Just as we were about to leave there was a torrential rain.

In St George there are deep gutters, nothing like in Canada where water can flow. The streets in Grenada are incredibly steep and you combine heavy rain with a very strong force of gravity and these gutters looked like miniature raging river. After being stuck inside for about ten minutes, it was either do something or stay trapped. We opted to brave the rain and hike up to the next store.

At the next store we found a helpful sales woman and chairs!! After walking and standing, chairs were extremely welcome. We also found pants that fit Owen really well and pants that ballooned in the legs for Aiden. The woman told us there was a seamstress upstairs who could do the work right away. We bought the pants and headed upstairs.

The seamstress went right to work on the pants and Brent went to find drinks for everyone. We waited for about an hour for the work to be done. This just made everyone even more tired. Samuel went off to run some errands and by 2:30 we were finished and Sam came back to get us.

Finally the boys were ready for school!

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