Friday, 10 October 2014

Baby steps at PAM

So today was my foray into the culture and school life at PAM. I spend almost twice the amount of time at NEWLO so PAM feels like a tougher nut to crack into.

I ran a Personality Dimensions  session for both staff and students. Many of my readers will have taken this course with me and Nelly, Erin, Sylive and Brigitte have all set this class up with lots of colour. Doing the same in Grenada is a lot harder. First there are no dollar stores to buy nick knacks! So I made paper flowers and finger pompoms out of streamers. I found hnkerchiefs for the tables and generally did my best!

It was a big success. There is nothing so satisfying as being with people who totally get you. It is also satisfying for the students to see that adults are jut like them too.

For me the best part was hearing all the laughter. I think for most of us having a baby was a time of rest and recovery. These girls are back at school with 5 month-olds or 9 months pregnant. I really admire their drive to further themselves!

I had a talk with Oslyn today that stressed me out though. She knows nothing about giving birth, her milk coming in or what happens to your body. I would like t put a call out for the book "What to Expect When Your Expecting" and "What to Expect in the 1st Year". It would help these girls out so much. Talking about such things is very taboo but having a book that they could be loaned while pregnant would be really helpful.

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