Sunday, 12 October 2014

Being thankful in Grenada

I won't lie today I started out with a mind to be thankful. I got up early and walked around the neighbourhood taking photos of everyday stuff not just the "Oh my gosh they are amazing" beaches.

It is the everyday stuff that makes up our neighbourhood and our neighbours. Like back home we lucked out in the neighbour department and have people who bring us fresh fruit and help out when something needs to be fixed.

A children's centre sponsored by the Canadian govt a block from our house

Houses go up 3 and 4 deep on lots

And down little paths to homes

The goat trail we take to the left of this drive to get to Foodland or Port Louis

Wooden homes next to...

giant homes!

And always present homes destroyed by Ivan
But where my heart is, is at home with my mom and sister. I usually host Thanksgiving and I have my family and a good friend, Jay, from Canada's beautiful north and whoever else needs or wants a place to have a yummy dinner. It is a little odd to find it 5:00 p.m. and not be in a turkey coma, or cheering a football game, or going for a walk in Proctor Park.

My heart is also with my family because they have been so awesome over the last 40+ days. Lots of calls on Skype and love sent. Also lots of coordinating of things for our family as well as for my schools here in Grenada. It is amazing to think how little it can take to make such a big difference. Some days I can't wait to call my mom or my twin sister Ceilidh and they always listen patiently while I gush, or vent, or a boy explains how he won a game or drew a picture. It means a lot. In fact I was able to Skype my sister yesterday in her hotel room in Sudbury- the world is an amazing place.

So while I am so thankful for the opportunity to work in Grenada and make a difference, I am also thankful for those behind the scenes supporting us. 

We did also make it to an amazing beach today - La Sagesse. It is popular with locals because a river meets the ocean here and creates a shallow pool where non-swimmers can bathe safely. We had amazing luck because there was a thunderstorm right on the edge of the beach but it was moving toward St. George. So while we played in the surf it poured back home! All in all a great day!

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  1. Sara, thank you so much for reflecting on your gratitude. Your family was certainly in my thoughts today when the minister asked us to reflect on those for whom we are grateful. This afternoon, after Mr. Turkey was in the oven stuffed with a quartered lemon, orange and onion, we headed off to Presquile. No one was on Beach #1 even though the sun was shining and it was a lovely warm day. More families up at the lighthouse. We went for a walk at the Marsh. For the first time, we did the "dark" section of the woods first, then came out into the sunlight and walked alo silently along the boardwalk. We stood at a little bridge and not ten feet from us, two huge herons flew over and landed in the water below us. Magical. By the time we got home, the turkey was smelling great. Potatoes, gravy, dressing, cauliflower with cheese sauce and yams and cranberries. We ate at 7 p.m and drank wine on the front porch waiting for the supper to come together. We drove past your house. I thought of you but I feel good to know that you are together and having an adventure of a lifetime. Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Christine Hammond/Ama