Sunday, 5 October 2014

Back on my feet

Chikungunya really takes a toll on you. They are now estimating that about 60% of those in Grenada have contracted the virus and based on the people who I talk to I would almost think it would be higher than that.

My hand and Owen's

I had thought I was mostly over it Thursday and went out to NEWLO to drop off supplies for their
30th anniversary party. But by Friday morning the rash had come back and was even angrier than before. I just took it easy on Saturday so that I would be able to go to NEWLO's party today.

The former Governor General, Sir Daniel Williams hosted the party for NEWLO at his residence in Westerhall. It was this long steep driveway up to the residence. The grounds were impressive with a covered entertaining area that easily sat 200 people! It also had it's own 2 story art gallery on the property. The space was definitely designed for entertaining, yet the house was surprisingly modest. Given the types properties in the area, I had expected a giant 2000+ square foot home, but this was a very simple two story almost with an Austrian feel.

It was nice to see so many people out to support NEWLO and to hear how well some of their graduates had done. From recording artists to business owners, 30 past NEWLO students were honoured for their accomplishments. As well as Ms. Francis who has been teaching sewing arts for the past 25 years!
The hall had covers that drop down to protect from the elements

The upper part of the hall

Mrs. Douglas & Ms. O'Farel with a NEWLO student

The boys near one corner of the property

The corner of the art gallery

Current GG Dame Cecile La Grenade, Sister & Sir Daniel Williams

The Governor General presenting awards

The security detail for the Governor General

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am trying to keep up with your activites since it sounds like quite an adventure!