Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Why I hate laundry

Today was a yucky rainy day.

Sendall tunnel was flooded for pedestrian traffic, which I knew before we even got to the tunnel. How? Well, there was a well dressed business man standing just before it trying to flag a ride. I think that is the shortest distance I have ever carried a hitchhiker! So a wet, wet day on the roads.

Brent normally picks me up on the Carenage side of Sendall tunnel but today it was rainy so he came right into the town to pick me up. I get in at about the same time the boys get off school so it is either get me or get them. Turns out today would have been a good day to get them. Owen slipped and fell trying to get out of the way of a car backing up and got covered in mud from his toes to his knee. A passing car saw him fall and pulled over to offer him paper towels to help clean his hands- so sweet.

The problem we were facing was cleaning his school pants for tomorrow. We had tried to buy a second pair 2 weeks ago but they needed to be made- imagine a ten year old getting tailored pants!! So we have no back up school pants.

Laundry is a lengthy process of manually turning on water, draining water- rinse and repeat. Once you have the clothes clean we have to hand wring the clothes and hang them out to dry. This is always done in the morning on a sunny day and takes about 30 minutes if you stay with the machine (a lot longer if you read a book and forget about it- no buzzers here to tell you that a cycle is done!) So starting at 3:30 on a rainy day means Owen's pants won't dry outside- and he needs them for tomorrow.

Brent is no quitter and came up with this solution....

The rest of the laundry is out on the line in the rain- it will dry when it dries, hopefully tomorrow but maybe the next day.

Let's hope the pants are dry by 10 pm because that is when the fan will be moving back to our bedroom for a goodnights sleep!

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  1. Hi Sara, this is Irene, one of your neighbors on Crestview. Just wanted to say hello, let you know I've enjoyed getting caught up on your time in Grenada. Today the temperatures have been quite brisk, -25C'ish this morning so you there needing a fan to get a good night's rest from the heat seems actually appealing lol! Take care and and hoping the sun shines for you tomorrow!