Wednesday, 10 September 2014

First Day at PAM

Again I am going to need to speak to Google Maps. The Program for Adolescent Mother's is located in the Mt Parnassus region of St. George. According to them it is 10 minutes.

However this map does not reflect the terrain of the country. You can never go more than 40 km, or I should say you shouldn't go more than 40 km. So yet again the drive was a little scarier than expected.

Ms Lawrence greeted me and showed me to my office. The colour reminded me of the Stewart Gold of my old office. Like NEWLO, PAM starts with singing and prayer, however with only about 10 girls it has a very different feel. Ms. Lawrence gave me a tour. It is set in a historic stone building which overlooks part of St. George.
My PAM Office

My office happens to be right above the nursery. And the babies were just sobbing. So after about an hour I couldn't take it and I went down to hug a baby. First one was a little girl, whose back I rubbed in her crib until she calmed down. Then to a five month old who spit up on me as soon as I picked him up! Oh well I wash up. After settling him I left, still lots of babies crying, but I felt better.

 At about 11:00 a.m. Ms. Lawrence advised that I was on the schedule to teach the year 1 girls at 11:45 until 12:30, and then again from 1:25 until 1:50. Then the year two girls until the end of the day. So I set some ground rules with group one, and got some expectations out of them, had a discussion about Maslow.  The year two girls were more of a challenge, and we really didn't get very far at all.

Brent drove up with the boys to pick me up at three and Friday I will be working at the Grenville office. So the idea that Brent will have the car two days a week may be inaccurate! We'll have to see.

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