Thursday, 4 September 2014

Grand Anse take 2

This time we were a bit more organized and since I didn’t like having to change I volunteered to stay dressed so we could go grocery shopping. Brent decided to do the same. We had asked to be left off at the Spiceland mall but they let us off at the roundabout instead, which turned out to be perfect. We found a parking lot to use when we have a car and change rooms! I really wish I had known that yesterday!

At the entry to a park before getting to the beach there was someone selling grilled corn. This is really common along roadsides. So keeping with Aiden’s try everything, we bought a piece which was cut into four. It was quite dry and tasted a bit like popcorn. We think it would have been tastier with salt… and butter, but then, that is how we eat corn.

While the boys played in the ocean I asked a local police woman what kind of fruit was in the tree we were under. Almonds! Yummy. She called a local young man over and three police officers gave him instruction on how to get into the nut! It is slightly smaller than our almonds but just as tasty.
Almond tree

She also let us know about a different grocery store that she uses. But for provisions she goes to the market on Saturday, so I know where we will be Saturday. We went to her store and bought $245 ECD worth of groceries including a treat we had been promising the boys- ice cream.

Dinner was jerk chicken, some rice and beans that we had left over from a take-out lunch and mixed frozen vegetables. I made lime water by cutting fresh limes into a pitcher of water. Super tasty and refreshing. Dessert was our special treat, ice cream. Yum.
We also had something else special happen and it was that Aiden was elected as Form 1 Class President. So he will take a leadership role with his class this term

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  1. I am really to see that you made it safe and sound, and that you are slowly setling in. I really enjoy reading your blog. Abd I find that the boys look great in their uniform.