Thursday, 4 September 2014

Long walk home

In St George there is a lagoon and a harbour. They form an m shape. So while I can look across to Carnage House it is actually quite a walk there. After Brent and I dropped the boys at school and secured the house, we needed to go down town to the internet store. The walk is about 30 minutes but because of the heat it feels a lot longer. We asked about the best way to get into the downtown and it is through a scary narrow one way tunnel. However, even scarier than the tunnel would be the climb over Fort George’s hill!

Once on the other side we were immediately able to get our bearings and headed straight for Flow, the company that will hook up the internet. While there, they had the BBC news on with “Breaking News”. I suddenly realized I had no idea what was going on in the world. There was this insatiable desire to be hooked in. I spoke to the security guard at Flow (many stores have security guards and all banks) and he got me up to speed on what was going on. ISIS are still committing acts of terror, Ukraine is still on the verge of war with Russia and the Americans are caught in the middle of everything.

We were able to find an internet cafe and send emails home and check what our friends were up to. Then we started the walk back. It was now 11:30. Brent remarked that “there is no hottest part of the day” in Grenada it is all the same. We managed to avoid a rain shower while in the cafĂ© so our walk was rain free. We stopped a number of times for water and then found a vendor at the side of the road selling cut water melon and fresh fruit and vegetables. We purchased a slice of watermelon a large bag of green beans and about 8 limes for $9 ECD.

After walking about 10 more minutes I needed a break so we stopped again. This time we stopped by a yacht club. It just happened that where we stopped a boat was sinking.   There was not much anyone could do, eventually it will get hauled up.

We made it home just before a light rain started to fall and fell into bed before we had to pick the boys up from school!

walking in St. George with Sam

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