Sunday, 28 September 2014

Worth Reading

When Ivan struck Grenada one of the biggest cultural losses was it's national library in St. George. The library has been closed for 10 years now, meaning a whole generation of children has never been to a library.
National library

Mt. Zion Full Gospel Revival Ministry Int. is changing this. They have open a tiny library on the second storey of a building on the main street. My fellow volunteer from Cuso, Linda helped me find my way. You go down a little alleyway and then up a set of stairs! Like most things in Grenada there are no signs.

Now the reason Linda knows where it is, is because she is volunteering there on Saturday's. This is pretty amazing because she is doing youth engagement work 5 days a week and then with her limited free time she puts in a full day at the library! Right now it is only open after school Mon, Wed & Friday, and then from 9-3 on Saturday, but they have plans to expand hours once they are more known.

My boys in the children's library

People can't believe the books are free to take and return. When we were there a father and son came in to return books and the little guy made a beeline for the children's section. Just like any library! Right now there is one room for adults and one room for children which has a barber shop in the middle!

They could definitely use books. There website has a donate button, but also we are having friends and family come from the Quinte and Carleton Place area. If you had some good books -especially if you have some good books about or by African or Caribbean people like The Book of Negroes or Maya Angelou we should be able to pack a few.

Also just spread the word to anyone who you know is taking a cruise or staying at a resort here. To pack one or two children's books will take up no space in a suitcase and will do a world of good here! Brent can meet people and pick them up, or better still take them to the library so they can make the donation themselves and see the good they are doing.

Lots of room to grow with more books!
I know I have a few librarians following our adventures so any idea you have to help out this library would be most welcome!

Remember this is the only library in the entire country!! Anything you can do will help give access to something we consider a right- reading!

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