Sunday, 7 September 2014

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Mr Dick is the property maintenance man. Our landlord lets Mr. Dick or Vincent (so called because he comes from St. Vincent but is actually from the Grenadines) lives in the bottom apartment free so long as he does the work on the three houses on the weekends. During the week Mr. Dick has a job with a different company. So by my estimation he works every day of the week, just a reality here.

Our hot water (suicide) shower worked the first day but then stopped working. So he came by to fix all the leaking taps, hot water, broken toilet and fridge issues. Poor guy there is a lot to do in our apartment. In Canada and St. Vincent’s each water area has its own shut off valve, so that if you shut off water in the kitchen you still have water in the bathroom. Here it is for the entire unit. So take make some repairs he had to shut off all the water. Then when he thought he was done he left the taps on, well the water came on but in our bathroom it seemed to blow up the plumbing. Water was spraying everywhere and the taps would not turn it off. I got quite the shower trying. I should note that our house is three stories up, so Mr. Dick is at the main level and I’m hollering on the third. By the time he gets here and then hustles back down we had a real mess! Oh well everything is tile and I bought a mop so we’re good.

Our only problem is with no water we can’t cook much and we can’t use the toilets. We’ve been down for about 2 hours and stores here close at 2:00-2:30 on a Saturday and are closed entirely on Sunday. So the window of opportunity to get parts is closing rapidly.

Luckily Cuso gave us a pitcher and we bought a second one, and we had an aqua pack filled with water so we do have drinking water. And worst case scenario is I can start drinking beer!

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